Mortgage, Closing and Insurance Info

For information required regarding properties going through the closing process, please click on the link to the left to make a request.  There is also a link for a Condo Questionnaire.  If you need information on the Association Insurance coverages, the Agency contact information is provided in the "Insurance Info" link to the left.
General Closing Information
  • All Balances Due are to be paid at Closing
  • There is a ½ of 1% of the Sales Price to be paid to Montclair POA Capital Contributions
  • Check with the Property Management Company for any fees they may charge.
  • Make sure that the Mailbox Keys, Pool and Amenity Access Cards (FOB) are conveyed from Buyer to Seller at closing.  If not, the new owner will have to pay to have a locksmith to change the mailbox lock and/or pay a fee to obtain new access cards. 
Please send in a closing request form to get complete and timely information prior to your closing.