Montclair Property Owners Association is a 240 unit condominium complex in beautiful Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Situated on 27 acres of lush, green landscape, Montclair is three miles from the Atlantic Ocean and beaches, across the street from Towne Centre on Highway 17 and 15 minutes from downtown Charleston, SC.

Montclair is a gated community with extensive landscaping providing peaceful views and serene ambiance. There are 2 swimming pools, 2 fitness centers, a tennis court, a small lake with a fountain, children's playground, boat storage area, Clubhouse and walking pathways that wind throughout the property.Originally an apartment complex, built in 1985, Montclair was converted to a condominium homeowner association in 2003.

Montclair is home to young professionals, retirees, families and singles. There are two styles of homes within the community; two-story town homes and one floor, garden units that are either on the ground floor or second level. All units are either 2 or 3 bedrooms ranging from 1010 square feet to 1440 square feet. Montclair is a Community Association with Governing Documents that include a Master Deed and By-laws. There is a Board of Directors, comprised of homeowner volunteers.

Feel free to browse our web site and learn more about the Montclair community - low country living with charm, convenience and green space.
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Essential oil education class
Monday, January 27, 2020
7pm to 8pm
Free educational class on natural essential oils. Open to all. Taught by Lisa Sistare, Doterra certified
Landscape Committee Meeting
Saturday, February 1, 2020
9am to 11am
Community Announcements
By Molly Uribe on January 24, 2020
Montclair Residents,

Please note that PHASE 3 which includes the South Entrance Villa Maison main road and through the cul-de-sac AND the main road (Montclair Drive) section from the clubhouse down to the 1846 thru 1855 cul-de-sac (click link below for map), has been POSTPONED AND WILL NOW BEGIN ON FEB. 3rd/4th.

The contractor notified us today that the road grinding machine would not be available next week so that means postponing the start of Phase 3.

Please mark your calendars now. If you live in the Villa Maison cul-de-sac area make sure you plan to park elsewhere during that time. For all other residents there may be delays in crossing over the main sections of the road. They will work on one side at a time, so as to not completely block entrance and exit to your homes.

All Residents, please be patient with this process, scrapping with be first, paving next and then finally painting of lines and numbering. REMEMBER ONLY WHEN RELOCATING YOUR CARS MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT PARKING IN NUMBERS SPACES! YOU MAY HAVE TO WALK BUT THIS SMALL INCONVENIENCE NOW IS FOR A GOOD REASON.


Just in case you have not yet see the phasing schedule - below is a link for your convenience.
Phase Two almost done! 2 areas open at 3pm today! (New)
By Molly Uribe on January 23, 2020
Things are looking good.....1846 thru 1855 cul-de-sac and the North side of Parc Vue are Completed and will be open at 3:00PM. If you live in these areas they are now open for parking. The "south" side of Parc Vue (pool side) will be completed tomorrow!.

Remember if you must park elsewhere, DO NOT PARK IN THE NUMBERED SPOTS! BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR AND FIND AN UNMARKED SPOT. Do not park on the grass either, find an unmarked spot and walk. Parking on the grass can damage the grass and cost the HOA money for repairs,

Thank you!!
Phase 2 Continues (New)
By Molly Uribe on January 21, 2020
Montclair Owners,

Phase Two continues, grinding up the areas in phase 2 are going well. Two (2) potential sinkholes were found during the process are are being repaired prior to paving. We are still on schedule to lay the asphalt down later this week but if the temperatures do not rise, as is currently forecasted, there could be a delay. You cannot put down asphalt in colder weather, it will not set properly and can cause issues to the paving process and to how the product will wear.

We continue to ask that you are patient with this process. We will continue to keep you informed as best as we can.

Continue to park elsewhere until you are notified that the area is open once again! Thank you.
Phase 2 to Begin MONDAY, Jan.20th
By Molly Uribe on January 17, 2020
Please note that those living in the PHASE 2 area 1846 thru 1855 cul-de-sac and both sides of Parc Vue will need to make arrangements for alternative parking beginning Jan. 20th for a few days.  We ask that cars are moved BEFORE 8:00 AM on Monday Jan. 20th.
We do anticipate colder weather next week, so they will be out to prepare the old surface for repaving but may have to
delay the actual paving until the temperatures are above 50 degrees so the asphalt application can be properly installed.  

In the first phase, over 30 cars were not moved and it delayed the project for hours as we had to wake up owners, or locate them.  If you dont want to get up early to move your car, it is suggested that you  plan to move the car Sunday evening, if at all possible.

Please be patient with this process, scrapping with be first, paving next and then finally painting of lines and numbering.


Just in case you have not yet see the phasing schedule - see below
WATER SHUT OFF - WEDNESDAY JAN. 8th, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
By Molly Uribe on January 6, 2020
Please be notified that the water will be turned off to the entire community to repair a MAIN LINE leak. In order to make the necessary repairs the community water supply will be shut off from 10:00 AM unit approximately 3:00 PM.

Please note that it is normal, when you first use the water in your home, to hear sputtering, spitting and even some discolored water coming out of your spigots.This can also occur in the Washing Machine or Dishwasher right after maintenance is done.

Air is sometimes trapped in the lines so you only need to run the water for a minute or two until all the air is released.
Montclair Paving Project - Phase Schedule
By Montclair Paving Project - Phase Schedule on December 3, 2019
We now have a schedule of what sections will be done during what dates. These are subject to change due to weather but we hope to stay close to this schedule. Remember all cars must be moved from the area being worked on or they will need to be towed at the owners expense.