Who is Responsible?

Who’s Responsible?
HOA Responsibility
Homeowners Association shall maintain, repair or replace as a common expense
·         Common Areas and Facilities
·         Limited Common Areas that service or are used by more than one specific unit
Owner Responsibility
Each owner shall maintain, repair or replace at his own expense
·         HVAC system
·         All Bathroom fixtures and plumbing
·         All Kitchen appliances and plumbing
·         All Electrical that services their unit alone
·         Light Fixtures, including those on the exterior that service their unit alone.
·         Interior non-load bearing walls
·         Interior, such as carpeting, drapes and other items within the unit
·         Windows
·         Screens
·         Limited Common Areas and Facilities which his unit has exclusive access
.         All pipes, lines, ducts, conduits or other apparatus which serves only the unit, whether located within or out the unit boundaries.
.         If owner has added a fenced in area (townhomes only) then the enclosed area is the responsibility of that homeowner for landscaping and upkeep of       fence. Area within the fenced area must be free of debris, trash and be maintained in an clean and orderly fashion.